One Dog Per Night
  • $40.00Overnight Stay
  • $35.007 Nights
  • $30.0014 Nights


  • $14.00Half Day
  • $20.00Full Day
  • $55.003 Days a Week


With shampoo, towels, and heated dryer.
  • $10.00One Wash
  • $20.00With nail trim.
  • $85.00Package of Ten Washes

Camp Scotty Dog Boarding & Day Care Hours of Operation

We are open 7:00am to 7pm, Monday – Sunday, 365 Days a Year!

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Dog Boarding Birmingham AL – Discounts & Payments

We offer overnight dog boarding discounts for multiple dogs and for length of stay.  If you have multiple dogs, we can let them stay in the same suite so they will have company throughout their stay with us.

Camp Scotty also offers a loyalty program for various services as well as free stays once you reach certain point level requirements.  We look forward to giving you peace of mind the next time you need a comfortable environment to leave your pet, with a staff that cares for dogs like their own.

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